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bashir dawood


The dawood family has been one of the greatest and most generous philanthropists in the history of Pakistan. All organizations are impressions of the lives and estimations of the individuals who make them, who look after them, who put stock in them, however family establishments guzzle and are permeated by the individual and profound estimations of their pioneers. These thusly turn into the heritage, in reality the personality of the family.

The same can be said for bashir dawood and his family. The dawood family has been helping lives for a very long time. The story of these establishments imparts the standards or qualities that are so imperative to the family. It is these rules that give significance are the soul, the center, the holding specialist around which the family rotates around.

bashir dawood

The areas in which bashir dawood and the dawood family help to impact the society, they are as follows:

Dawood College of Engineering and Technology

The intention of the dawood college of engineering and technology is to contribute to Pakistan’s developing interest for designers and innovation specialists. The Dawood Foundation accomplished another turning point in 1962 when they helped to assemble Dawood College of Engineering and Technology (DCET) in Karachi.

The Engineering Department incorporates Electronics, Chemical, Industrial and Management and Metallurgy and Materials. From the session 2010-2011, the University has presented four new offices to be specifically for  Energy and Environment, Petroleum and Gas, Telecommunication, and Computer System Engineering.

The University offers four-year degree programs in the field of designing and five-year degree programs in the Field of engineering.

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What to know and do before signing up for TEFL courses

As you know, the abbreviation TEFL stands for ‘Teaching English as a foreign language’, and it is the most basic and well-known option for aspiring teachers, who don’t have much teaching experience, yet want to enroll in the teaching industry, and want to start teaching. There are independent online teaching programs, just as there are opportunities for you to choose the country you want to travel to, in order to teach. Just as there are full-scale site courses, there are online certification courses and combined courses too, making it possible for you to choose from an array of options for enrolling in TEFL courses.

Understand and utilize the current market trends

 In today’s world, the demand for English teachers is quite high, as English continues to be a widely spoken language all around the world. In many fields like the entertainment sector, the travel sector and in other domains of life such as study and work, English is in high demand. For the forthcoming future, it will never hurt you to have the option of a TEFL certification and consequent teaching jobs. So, if tales about the wonders of working in and exploring the foreign lands like Thailand and Morocco, from homecoming teachers, excite you to no end and you are inclined to think that this might just be the perfect career option for you, wait no more and join a course offering TEFL certifications.

Work through the acronyms well

Now there is a plethora of acronyms for you to know and remember, and this confrontation, the sooner done the better. Some basic acronyms are listed below:

  1. TEFL : Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  2. TESL : Teaching English as a Secondary Language
  3. TESOL : Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  4. CELTA : Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  5. IELTS : International English Language Testing System


Obtaining the certificate and seeking employment

Now that you are a little familiar with the jargon, it is important to take the next step, which is the attainment of the TEFL certificate. The days are almost gone, when getting a job as a teacher simply on the basis of speaking power, was like a cakewalk. In today’s world, qualifications matter, documents speak for you, and with the advancement of the internet, a few clicks is all it will take to return a huge selection of options and courses, durations, qualities and the level of authenticity suitable for your persuasion of the TEFL certificate.  The most recognized TEFL courses and certifications are said to currently come from CELTA, or the Trinity College in London. However, there are many more (and upcoming) comparatively inexpensive options for going through short, quick TEFL courses. When you have your own TEFL certificate in your hand, you can set out to look for employment, in your native country or abroad.



The degrees help the people to get to the higher places. The money is said to be the important aspect for one to go to the highest peak. In this hurry berry world one need a job to make their life get settled and one cannot do anything without the use of the money.

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There are numerous categories of jobs to choose and it differs as per qualification and cadre. Some people tend to get hired in different job streams than usual categories and if you are the one looking for a different job that is not chosen by many people you can try to become immigration consultant. Immigration consultant is a person that assists the immigrants to make sure that they have all the required papers. They will help the immigrants to make them known the list of papers required to get visa. Immigrants are the persons who are planning to get settled in a non-home country for various reasons such as education, job, business and whatever.

If you want to become immigrant consultant first of all you need to have a basic bachelor degree from accredited university. Then you should have ability to speak foreign languages and then diploma or professional immigration consultant certification. You can get to know more about this on various online sites. Please visit reliable and most recommended site that give you complete idea about what it is and how it works. Before making the decision you have to understand about the course, fee structure and other details so that you can get clear idea to decide on the course. Different countries have different procedures for immigration and for countries like US it is quite lengthy and tough so it requires more papers to fulfil the requirements.


Once an immigrant has done with preparing the documents and papers they have to check with the immigrant consultant to ensure whether it meets the requirements. They will not be able to get visa without the help of the immigrant consultant and even if they tries without the help of immigrant consultant the process will get delayed and they will not be able to visit the embassy frequently. But immigrant consultant will ensure whether the immigrant meets all the requirements to get visa successfully.

Professional and Diploma immigrant consultant certification includes: Elements of US Immigration Law, Business & Investment Immigration, Immigration Court Procedures, Renewal and Relief Process, Family Immigration Law, United States Naturalization and Citizenship, Immigration Consultant Business and Operation, Skilled Labour Immigration, Immigration Case Appeals and Procedures.

These subjects are very important because without these subjects, no person will be able to be a successful immigration consultant because the countries will keep on updating their immigrant procedures so the immigration consultant will be able to get updated only if they know these subjects.