create a laser tag set


Laser Tag Guns are guns which can fire infrared beams. Sometimes the targets are made up infrared sensitive materials or it is integrated with the guns. It was manufactured by the South Bend Electronics Brand in 1979. It was used for combat training by U.S. Army.

The systems using which Laser tag is designed are the devices like laser, transmitter, receiver, embedded software, etc. The gameplay can be of the real-time combat just like the fantasy science fiction movie.

systems using which Laser tag


For students from Electronics field, they have a keen interest in knowing and performing this gameplay. Apart from the game point of view, when a child understands the working behind this kind of games they may develop an interest in the electronics field and this knowledge can help them grow better as a learner.

In Software and microcontroller like Arduino, the program to control the devices can easily be embedded and controlled.


Laser Tag Set is an electronic device and made up of electronics components. Here are some of the main components used to create a laser tag set.

  • Infrared LED: IR LED can be easily available in any electronics retailers ‘shop.
  • Infrared Sensor: TSPO2138YA Infrared Sensor is used for sensing the IR LED and detect if the laser has aimed the correct target or not.
  • Trigger/Switch: A switch is used in as the trigger in this case. This trigger should be not too small or not too big.
  • Piezo element: For creating sounds of the shooting device, a small encased piezoelectric element is used.
  • Wires, Capacitors, and Resistors.
  • Arduino Microprocessor: For a program to upload and have a good control over the device Arduino is one of the best microprocessors.

All the types of equipment are required to be connected with the Arduino and it is very easy to program it in such a way that if the receiver gets attacked thrice, it will automatically shut down and the device has to be restarted once again.


In the field of electronics where everything is small, these laser tag sets are very popular and fun game. With this kind of technology, the time is not far when children will start playing badminton without racket and shuttlecock. The advancing technology is taking a quick leap and the advanced Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blaster.