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This dissertation help is a company which is originally a Hong Kong based one. They are incorporated with the academic assistance company which is known as one freelance limited which is located in Hong Kong. This dissertation help company is registered in February 2015. In such a very less span of time, this company has gained huge response and applause from their clients.

This company has been working with many students all over from United States, UK, and Canada and also from Australia. Since 2015 they have completed many projects successfully without leaving any bad remark on them. They only do hire people who are highly eligible for the company and also the services will be made available for their customers from these highly qualified writers. These highly qualified writers will be the ones who completed academic assignments exactly according to the educational system language requirements. There are more than 500 professional writers in this company at present. And also they do have a significant emphasis on the US, UK and also in Canada university graduates.

The projects which they have worked on till date are complete successfully and all of their clients are completely happy with the services which they were given. Not only this but there are many other features in this company which cannot be found in others.