LED save Our Energy And Money

Downlight is a light which emits light to the accurate downward direction in a narrow beam. We can get different kinds of Downlights. Among one of them, the most popular one is LED Downlights. In these modern days, it has many applications such as LED ceiling downlights are frequently used in business premises area like stores, malls, showrooms, theatres, art galleries, resorts etc. Wipro Company has specialized on LED ceiling downlights.


For common people, they have no idea about LEDs. So, it is important to inculcate in them the bright sides of these. The main question is:

What is LED?

What benefits do we get from it? 

LED, a light emitting diode is a semiconductor device which emits light when a voltage is applied. LED Downlights Online have great features:

  • LED Downlights consume little energy. We can say that it is an energy saving material.
  • It has great flexibility, as our wish we can fix it anywhere.
  • It may be many colors like red, green, yellow etc.
  • It is very cheap. Without any hesitation, people can buy it.
  • LED Downlights last longer than other lights. Maintenance cost is very low.
  • It produces less heat than other ones (in the scientific language this heat is called Joule’s heat loss).

GU10 LED Bulb:

GU 10 LED bulb is one of the examples Cheap LED Lights. It consumes 90% less energy than halogen bulbs. Nowadays it uses randomly for home and business premises. It operates on mains voltage (230V) and no transformers and drivers are required.


   LED downlights performance depends on the temperature of surroundings. When temperature will be high, it must be damaged. People must supply voltage above the threshold voltage; otherwise LED will be not working. LED is not a point source light. It can’t illuminate a proper point. It is very difficult to use it in a spherical zone.


                    Nowadays the price of our essential commodities is increasing randomly and electric bills are also horribly increasing. If we use this LED Downlights and GU 10 LED bulb, we save our energy and money too.