home nursing singapore

Services available for home care for seniors in Singapore–

Assisted living – An assisted living professional can stay with an elderly who is weak and cannot perform daily activities. With the company of an assisted living professional, an elderly can get help in basic activities and can enjoy the last few years of their life. With assisted living, you can improve your quality of life with the help of a trained professional.

Nursing and Medical Care at Home – If the needs of an elderly are beyond the scope of a caregiver then you might need help from a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. These nurses can provide better medical assistance than caregivers and should be appointed for elderly suffering from major medical issues. These nurses can provide home care services in Singapore like giving injections, blood draws, diabetes management, parenteral nutrition, dressing change etc.

home nursing singapore

Physical Therapy – When the elderly has issues in moving around the house and walking then physical therapy can help out. Proper therapy can reduce the pain you feel while walking and can make walking and doing other daily activities easier for you.

By using one of these home care services in Singapore for the elderly, either part time or full time, the life of elderly people can be improved largely. After years of hard work and struggle, the elderly people deserve such type of care and support.

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