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Special features at Oddsmonkey

Special features at Oddsmonkey

Betting money is always easier than earning it. However, since you may or may not gain anything by betting, it is better to stay clear of it. Those too interested in staking may find something useful at Oddsmonkey though. This website is a matched betting website that lists various betting odds and offers from bookmakers. Since it is supposed to be a genuine venture, there are various special features at it that sets it apart from its competition.

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1- Software developer

Oddsmonkeys have been software developers for a long time, even before they entered the matched betting venue. This gave them an advantage over their competitors. Even today, they boast some of the most authentic and advanced software in the field.

2- Some profit guarantee

Their website claim to provide some level of guarantee if you are willing to stake the money according to their lists. Some people claim to have made good profits by investing in their bets. However, as betting is not reliable, you are exposed to risk when placing any bet.

3- Cheaper rates

This website also offers cheaper rates than most of the other matched betting websites. Especially since a lot of scams and deceivers are out there in this market, for the value of money that they provide, their rate of £17.99 per month or £150 per year seems reasonable.

4- Casino offers

Another prominent feature of their website is the casino offer. It is possible to make use of bingo and casino offers using their EV calculator. This calculator helps you to determine whether it is worth playing at the casino or not.

5- In-built profit tracker

A new tool introduced on the website recently is the Profit Tracker. Instead of having to record all the bets, transactions and profits on a spreadsheet, the profit tracker automatically records your dealings at the website without you having to do anything.

6- Guided betting

You are not left on your own on this website. They help the newcomers by providing them with detailed instructions. Specific guidelines are present for step by step introduction into the betting field. They also have video tutorials that will train newbies to get started. In addition, the list guide helps you to know which bets are worth how much and how much you can earn through each bet.

Oddsmonkey might just be the website you need to check out if you have all the money to bet.