bashir dawood


The dawood family has been one of the greatest and most generous philanthropists in the history of Pakistan. All organizations are impressions of the lives and estimations of the individuals who make them, who look after them, who put stock in them, however family establishments guzzle and are permeated by the individual and profound estimations of their pioneers. These thusly turn into the heritage, in reality the personality of the family.

The same can be said for bashir dawood and his family. The dawood family has been helping lives for a very long time. The story of these establishments imparts the standards or qualities that are so imperative to the family. It is these rules that give significance are the soul, the center, the holding specialist around which the family rotates around.

bashir dawood

The areas in which bashir dawood and the dawood family help to impact the society, they are as follows:

Dawood College of Engineering and Technology

The intention of the dawood college of engineering and technology is to contribute to Pakistan’s developing interest for designers and innovation specialists. The Dawood Foundation accomplished another turning point in 1962 when they helped to assemble Dawood College of Engineering and Technology (DCET) in Karachi.

The Engineering Department incorporates Electronics, Chemical, Industrial and Management and Metallurgy and Materials. From the session 2010-2011, the University has presented four new offices to be specifically forĀ  Energy and Environment, Petroleum and Gas, Telecommunication, and Computer System Engineering.

The University offers four-year degree programs in the field of designing and five-year degree programs in the Field of engineering.