Use Legal Steroid and Reduce the Effects

Anabolic Steroid is a synthetic testosterone hormone. It usually used by athletes or bodybuilders. Howerver, there are many athletes and bodybuilders were drifted by this drugs. They think that anabolic steroid can increase the size of muscle mass, strength and stamina and they didn’t use legal steroids with prescription.

Here are the side effects that may causes by using steroids

  • Psychological Effects of using steroid

Based on fact that steroids give all the effects by bodybuilders, it is not too surprising that steroids also cause psychological dependence.Using steroids, do diet and exercise routine, most likely for the acquisition of muscle mass and power. However, thisunstoppable effects will appear after using for 8 weeks.

Suddenly the progress is reduced gradually until it is completely end, after not using steroids at all. The next week, you began feel diminishing strength and the muscles get smaller.  In addition, if you stop using steroid, after a week, your testosterone levels will decrease dramatically and you will feel depressed.

  • Depression

Depression is the side effect when the testosterone levels are getting low, but the levels of estrogen is rising, in this cycle, depression will be really felt. To relieve this depression, you need to consult a doctor and going through several cycles of treatment to restore your testosterone levels.

These treatments may be covered by insurance companies for using legal steroids with a prescription but not for using illegal steroids. If you’re not through this treatment cycle, be prepared to get through severe depression.

How much the side effects will be obtained depending on the type and dose of steroids as well as genetic factors users. Thus, it is impossible for us to predict what side effects will be facing the user. One thing is for sure, if you are using a steroid with high doses for a long time, then most likely your body is not able to restore testosterone levels naturally and you will undergo hormone therapy for lifetime.

  • Another Side Effects of Steroids:
  • Increasingly liver’s work.
  • Decreased production of testosterone.
  • Increasing cholesterol and blood pressure.


  • Nosebleed
  • Cramps
  • Androgenic side effects: hair thickening, swelling of the prostate, oily skin, water retention, and be temperamental
  • Diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting
  • Can trigger tumor

Steroids are drug for men, I will not go too deeply about the kind of side effects that will be encountered if a woman decides to steroids, particularly testosterone with the type of androgenic.

Steroid can’t build your bady instantly, the diet, exercise, rest and supplementation regularly and balanced that will bring you the results. Many people who use steroids and practice hard but do not do diet and regular rest, the result is still not much progress. If you want to use steroid, make sure you get prescription from your doctor.