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These days it is a burning topic that the piracy movies giant 123 movies shutting down their site in the pressure of law authority world wide. As the giant movies streaming site is going to be shut down, hence one question is coming into existence that “from now there will be no pirated movies on the web”. The record says that over 98+ million people use the pirated site to entertain themselves. The simple mentality behind the scene is “why to pay money for something which comes in free”.

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Destroying television and film industry

There are many pirated site that is responsible for a huge loss for the television as well as film industry. Many movies like star wars III, X-Men series and many more were appeared online before its release date. So it really has a bad impact on the producer and further on industry. Within few years free streaming site like123 movies were emerge as a giant in the world of piracy. Due to pressure of legal issue, this site has updated its good bye to the users and appealed to pay for movies and the television shows.

Endless loop of pirated cycle

After the demolishment of 123 movies site, it never seem that if a giant site which was known for its notorious side have destroyed then this is the end of pirated site. It never is like this because more site like that has been pop up if one go and search on internet. In 2016, the FBI had disabled KickassTorrent technically but still they are up and having a lot of traffic. In spite of passing raids, prison and punishment, Pirate Bay is named as the most visited site for the free video streaming.


The setting down of 123 movies could be a loss in screaming video site but it is not the end.  It seems like one pirated site will be shut down and at the same time another pirated site will come with same facility but other domain name. So the worlds of piracy are indefatigable but law can always come in their way and break them as much they can.